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Is a Major Home Renovation Worth It?

Deciding between renovating your current home or relocating can be overwhelming for homeowners. Minor updates, such as new fixtures and accent pieces, are relatively easy to complete with minimal disruption. However, significant home renovations require planning, investment, and professional execution. Are you unsure if a major home renovation is worth it for your property? This article will provide information on things to consider when making your decision, based on both long and short-term goals as a homeowner.

Continue reading to gain a better understanding of what is best for you and your property.

Beautiful Modern Kitchen Remodel With Granite Countertops, White Cabinets, Subway Tile Backsplash, Industrial Light Fixtures and Black Appliances Done By Modica & Son Handymen In the Woodstock, GA Area.

The Benefits of Major Home Renovations


Boost Your Property Value & Attract More Buyers

One of the biggest benefits of home renovations is the potential to increase your property's value, leading to a positive return on investment. By renovating your home, you may be able to sell it at a higher profit margin, recouping your initial investment and more. This is particularly true in Georgia, where home prices are on the rise in areas like Woodstock,, Canton, and Roswell.

However, it's essential to be strategic in your renovations and consider the needs and preferences of potential buyers. Location, land, original build date, size, and amenities are all important factors to consider when renovating your home. Additionally, think about your target buyer and tailor your renovations to appeal to them. Established families may have different needs and preferences than a retired couple or a young couple looking for their first home.

Optimize Functionality and Convenience

Home renovations can also optimize functionality and convenience in your living space. As a place where you spend a significant amount of time, it's essential to create a relaxing and peaceful environment. If there are aspects of your home that are inefficient and impede your daily tasks, renovations can be an excellent solution. By improving the user-friendly nature of your house, you can restore feelings of comfort and ease. This can be especially beneficial if you don't plan on selling your home in the near future, as it can be a rewarding investment in the long run

Improve Your Mood and Everyday Life

Home renovations can also have a positive impact on your mood and daily life. Studies have shown that the environment around you can affect your overall well-being, happiness, and mood. If you've been considering a renovation for a long time, it's worth taking a closer look. Renovations can be a great way to improve your daily life, even if you don't plan on moving. However, before committing to a renovation, it's essential to consider factors such as investment, resale value, and your short-term and long-term goals.

Things To Consider Before Starting a Renovation

Outdated Kitchen Before Remodel By Modica & Son Handymen With Old Wood Cabinets, Yellow Vinyl Floor, Yellow Formica Countertops, a White Refrigerator, and a Black Dishwasher
Kitchen Before Modica & Son Handymen Remodel

Beautiful Kitchen Renovation with New Granite Countertops, White Cabinets, Light Fixtures, Stainless Steel Appliances, and Laminate Flooring
Kitchen After Modica & Son Handymen Remodel


Before committing to a home renovation, it's important to consider the cost and budget. While many homeowners may be excited about the idea of renovating their home, the cost of the project can be a deterrent. Renovations can be expensive and take careful planning to budget and execute efficiently. To avoid overspending, it's important to calculate the cost of your remodel and have a clear idea of how much you can afford to spend. This will help you make informed decisions about where to cut costs or reduce pricing on certain materials.


When considering home renovations, it's important to consider how the changes will affect the resale value of your property. If you're planning to move soon, it may not be worth investing a large amount of money into the property unless the changes will directly benefit you. Before making a decision, weigh the pros and cons and consider your short-term and long-term goals. Make a list of your short-term and long-term goals and explore how they align with the needs of your home. This can help you determine which renovations will be most beneficial for you in the long run.

Use a Professional

A common error among homeowners is attempting to handle home renovations by themselves. This increases the risk of mistakes. Instead, consult with different contractors, compare rates, and choose the one that is most suitable for your specific project. This will ensure that your home renovation is done correctly and to your satisfaction.

Know What You Want

It's important to have a clear vision for your home renovation before starting the project. Consider what specific changes you want to make, such as new countertops or a new backsplash. Also think about how the renovation will fit in with the overall design of your home. Research different design options by visiting showrooms or looking at inspiration pictures to help you formulate your ideas. This will make it easier to communicate your goals to a professional contractor and ensure that you get the results you want.


Large renovations can also mean major disruptions to your daily routine. Some homeowners may need to temporarily relocate while the work is being done. If you're planning extensive remodels that change the layout or size of your home, it's important to plan for extended periods of time away from your property. Be prepared for the possibility of extended downtime and schedule accordingly to minimize any inconvenience caused.

Type of Property

When considering renovations for a historic building, plan carefully and consider preserving original features. Consult with local experts to ensure your updates won't decrease the home's historical value. Avoid making changes that could negatively impact resale potential.

Renting, Buying or Flipping

If you own your home, renovations can enhance your long-term satisfaction. But if you're renting, consider adding desired changes to a wish list for when you own your home. When flipping a house, carefully choose a property and make strategic renovations for maximum profit.

So, Should You Renovate Your Home?

Home renovations can be demanding and require a significant initial investment, but they can also be very beneficial. Whether you want to update your home or resell it, our team can help you plan your project. Careful planning and strategy is crucial for achieving your desired outcome.

Our team of experts are ready to help make your dreams a reality! If you've decided that a renovation is right for you, give us a call at 404-483-4547!

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