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Modica masonry craftsmanship dates back to 1912 when Ippolito Modica from Pozzallo, Sicily started his masonry career as an apprentice, learning from the masters in the trade. Ippolito Modica had 4 sons all of whom followed in the same footsteps as their father. Virgilio Modica Sr. was only 11 years old when he had to quit school and work full time to help support the large family of 7 children.

Because work was slim in the small Sicilian fishing village where they lived, Virgilio Sr. looked for work elsewhere and worked up in northern Italy near Milan. Then an opportunity came up for Virgilio and his brother Mike to move to America in 1967. Despite the fact that neither of them spoke any English when they immigrated, their superior masonry skills quickly led them to obtain jobs to build high rises in New York City.

As their English improved, Virgilio, Mike, and another brother Rosario decided to open up a construction business together in 1972 called Modica Bros. Inc. in Clifton, NJ. The business was going well, but Mike and Rosario missed their native country and returned back to Italy in 1975. Therefore, Virgilio Sr. changed the name of the business to Modica and Son, Inc. adding his 5 year old son Virgilio Jr. to the business name.

In the summer of 1981, when Virgilio was 11 years old, he started working as a masonry helper and continued working every summer till he was 17 years old. Once Virgilio finished school, he was employed full time with his father and learned everything in masonry construction including foundations, concrete work, block work, brickwork, tile work, and stone. In addition, Virgilio Jr. expanded his construction knowledge by learning to do framing, decks, plumbing, screen porches and general remodeling.

In 2005, Virgilio Sr. retired from the construction business at the age of 62 and returned  back to his hometown in Sicily. In the meantime, Virgilio Jr. was also ready to make a change for himself and moved to Woodstock, GA to be closer to his sister. In the summer of 2006, Virgilio Jr. opened up his own business yet wanted to keep the business name as close as possible to his fatherís business. But because he wanted to do more than just  masonry construction, he decided to name it Modica & Son Handymen so that customers can hire him for a variety of services big or small.

And so with 2 generations of Italian craftsmanship behind him, Virgilio has learned that there is a difference with the quality of the work he has learned from his father compared to others in the industry. Although modern technology and materials plays an important part of how different things are built today, much of the fundamental craftsmanship is still used and applied today in his business.     

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